Asset Management

Our Asset Management department focuses on optimizing our assets, i.e. real estate, plant and equipment to achieve the greatest return with the objective of providing the best possible service to the company and our clients. Aside from this primary goal, the department also maintains a strong portfolio of investments consisting of blue chip stocks and shareholding in Oil Palm production.



We trade in commodities such as milk powders, anhydrous milk fat, monosodium glutamate, vegetable fat, salt, sugar, nucleotides, caramel powder, cocoa beans, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, phosphates and carbonates, glucose syrups, and starch. We also trade in packaging materials, finished products and engineering spare parts for use by multinational manufacturing companies in the food and beverage industry.



In our capacity as an accredited Licensed Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agent, we manage import pre-shipment documentation, monitor the shipment while in transit, undertake pre-arrival documentation, and ensure efficient clearing upon arrival. Our strong reputation for compliance with statutory regulations earned us the “Fast-Track” concession from the Customs and Excise authority which enables us to promptly clear goods at ports while completing documentation retroactively.

Warehousing Services


We own our warehousing &  distribution facilities and offer an advantageous client-dedicated, Customs Bonded Terminal with a container storage facility that can hold 2000 units of 20FT containers. This allows for a significantly shorter clearing time as well as creates significant value for our clients by eliminating detention bills on containers.

Order planning, warehousing, inventory management and call-off services are rendered with strict application of best practices such as FIFO, LIFO, batch management, space optimization, TR management, rodent control and periodic fumigation.

Haulage Services


We promote best practices built on road-worthiness, timeliness and safety. Our service delivery is supported by highly trained and experienced drivers equipped with CUG lines to facilitate effective communication. The roadworthiness of our one hundred 30T and 40T, traceable Mack and Iveco trucks is assured by maintaining a fully-equipped repair and maintenance workshop, while our back-up recovery vehicles ensure prompt attention in cases of breakdowns.