JOF Salt

JOF Nigeria Ltd is making a huge capital investment for the construction of the very first salt refining plant in Nigeria, at OPIC Estate, Agbara, Ogun State. Our primary objective is to have a plant to satisfy the requirements of the food industry for industrial refined salt and more specifically for manufacturers of bouillon cubes who require specifications which are superior to those of ordinary table salt.

This stands in sharp contrast to the objectives of current local salt refining plants that essentially concentrate on the very large demand for ‘ordinary salt’ in the open market, which has not encouraged local producers to invest in appropriate plant, machinery and know-how to meet Nigerian manufacturers’ demands for a superior salt specification. The present suppliers have built plants for the open market, not for the niche market. With JOF, it is just the other way around.

We are closing existing gaps by offering a product that meets all of Nigeria’s present and future demand in the niche market of high quality industrial salt.